I helped launch Feral Audio in 2012, and from cradle to its unceremonious end in December 2017 I served as its technical & design lead. I'm sad it had to end, but I got to design a little of everything at Feral, and I'm leaving significantly better/more versatile than when I started.

Here are a few of my favorite pieces of podcast artwork and misc show assets I created while at Feral Audio. I think just about all of these shows are still on iTunes, definitely check them out!

Disclaimer: I can't take full credit for the Mouth Time artwork. The original artwork was by someone else, but Reductress asked me to rebuild the rainbow/mouth to be photorealistic (the original was a line drawing of the same basic form). I'm including it here because I really like how it turned out!

Photo credit to Noah Eberhart, Feral's awesome producer.
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